Project Website and Social Media Channels


The STEADY Project website will feature news, project’s findings and updates, such as reports, policy briefs as well as opportunities for collaboration, e.g. events announcements, workshops and training sessions.


Tools and guidelines that will be developed in the context of the SIMILAR project will be also available on the website in downloadable format.


As the development of networking and an expanded stakeholder list is one of the main goals of the project, the STEADY Project uses instagram, facebook, twitter and linkedin to serve its dissemination and networking purposes through the use of these social media channels.

First STEADY Newsletter


The first Newsletter of STEADY Project is now released. This newsletter represents selected highlights of the work done during the first 6 months of the project, through a sample of the latest project outputs and related news stories by project partners.


You can download it here! 

Second STEADY Newsletter


The first STEADY Deliverable is “Public”, thus accessible to anyone interested.

It is primarily written for the European Commission (EC) Project Officer (PO) and the consortium members of the STEADY Project to establish the current status of a population before the project is rolled out. More specifically, it serves as an instrument that helps them understand the current status of participation & exclusion of Dispatched Youth with Disabilities in European Sport.

Nevertheless, special effort and attention has been given in making this report as a stand-alone document and comprehensible for the general public.



You can download the second Newsletter of the project here! 

Third STEADY Newsletter

The Greek Paralympic Committee as coordinator of the European STEADY Programme, organized an online seminar ′′Sport as a tool to empower displaced young people with disabilities – Sport as a tool for the Empowerment of (Un)Abaled & Displaced Youth”, was a successfully public webinar, by zoom, at May 27th, 2021 from 15.30 – 17.30, with about 100 participants.


You can download the 3rd Newsletter here!