centro social de soutelo

Association for the Development of Sports and Sports Culture Footura is a non-profit organization aiming to stimulate the active participation of young people in social life and to build a sustainable and effective civil society in Bulgaria through informal methods focusing on sport, healthy and active lifestyle.


Our ambition is related to the constant expansion of the Association as a positive factor in the development of society, development and popularization of various sports and all kinds of activities related to sport and healthy lifestyle, sports researches, exchange programs, social inclusion through sport, better sports-health education for children and adolescents, as well as prevention and counteraction of many harmful habits, depression, addictions, overweight, aggression, etc.


Footura seeks to raise awareness, promote active citizenship and participation of young people in sport and physical activities and to promote the principle of equal opportunities for sport and social inclusion / participation / realization for all at national, regional and local level. We also include young people in our projects, campaigns and initiatives, as they accumulate valuable experience, working together with many organizations (from Bulgaria and abroad), foundations, companies and individuals.