play and train

Play & Train is a non-profit social business that promotes accessible sport for competition and leisure since 2008. We believe that sports are a social tool. Through fun as well as effort, people with disabilities can expand their limits. Sports normalize, sports include.


Our vision is to walk toward a society in which everyone has access to rights and opportunities regardless of their capabilities.


Our mission is to share our knowledge and experience in order to convey a change of attitude in society through sport and leisure activities
According to the World Health Organization, about 15% of the world’s population live with some form of disability. Studies from the EU say that the annual economic impact of tourism with an impairment is 390.000 million/ year between the 27 countries, and the absence of adapted amenities prevent an additional approximately 142.000 million.


We ensure there are infrastructures, personal and sports services accessible to people with all capabilities. Assistance to sport, leisure and tourism companies: investment, infrastructure, human resources, materials and ROI calculation. Conferences, practical and theoretical courses. Organization of sport and leisure activities that unite people with and without impairments.