develop guidelines to include refugees in para sports

One of STEADY’s activiies is to develop a guide that is one half of a resource which will assist sport professionals or volunteers to achieve best practice in the design and delivery of sports activities for DYD. It will be delivered in conjunction with the Toolkit for Training.


This guide will review training environment issues that shape how sport proffessionals/ volunteers are trained to include DYD and will provide an introduction to competency-based training and will assist trainers to:


• analyse the volunteering environment;
• design effective and appropriate training strategies and;
• achieve training/learning outcomes to support Sports as a Tool for Empowerment of DYD.


The Toolkit for Training sport professionals or volunteers will build upon the issues discussed in this guide and will offer a range of tools for people to draw on when designing and facilitating competency-based training. It is recognised that training is not an activity that can be reduced to a one-size-fits-all model. Accordingly, the information and tools in these resources are offered for you to reflect on and take up in a manner that bests suit you and the changing environment in which you facilitate training.